Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July! Where does the time GO!

Well hello again to all of my friends and Happy 4th of July!  This morning I had a wild hair to get back on my blog.  This is one thing that I wanted to keep up with over the years to capture all of life's sweet memories in one spot, but unfortunately life does happen and where does the time go.

To catch up a bit since it's obvious the last post was in 2013.... It is now 2017!  Summer at that! half way through this year! WOW! Where has it gone.  It has gone by with fun, exciting events, life changes, and never without some sadness.

My oldest, Brett, is now 2 years into college and my youngest, Ava, has graduated from kindergarten.  My husband and I have celebrated 7 years of marriage this past June and we are gearing up for another eventful school year in just another month.

Ava celebrated her 6th birthday this past April 50's style and is an avid gymnast, excelling very fast within the levels.  She loves flipping on the trampoline and is very passionate about gymnastics.  She has tried youth softball and enjoyed it, but wants to try soccer this upcoming fall to see how it goes.  She definitely got her momma's athletic abilities!  She is a Bloomin Flower as always and her Great Grandpa Herman is watching her bloom from Heaven!  He is smiling down as he would sit and watch the dandelions bloom from his window!

I myself have gotten back into running after years of being out from foot surgery and the busyness of life that I promised myself would never get in the way of whats important like running!  I am training for a half marathon this October to check off the bucket list and say I completed it!

With all that being said, I am happy to be back!  Here are some pictures to catch up!

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