Saturday, July 9, 2011

Water Baby Play Time!

Hi all! This summer has been off to a boom so far! We have been having so much fun and playing so hard! Ava had her first visit to the river today with Mommy, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Duane, and Darrin! And what a blast we had! Ava is definitely a water baby there is no doubt! We even got her an tube to float around in and she also enjoyed being in that and kickin her feet in the water.

Here is Mommy and Ava with Ava's first time in the river! And below is her sitting in her fancy little tube to float around in! It's also a princess tube! :) For my little princess!

Below is little Darrin with his huge stick that he found! Darrin is such the little outdoors man, he was catching tadpoles and searching for anything he could find. He definitely found a stick bigger than him!

Ahhhhh Baby Ava with Aunt Sarah sittin in the water and enjoying the sunshine and playing in the water, what more can you ask for on a great Saturday afternoon!

Below are some pics of Ava swimming like a big girl on her first river trip! She is going to be a river rat I believe, but of course Mom and Dad also love going to the river every summer and hanging out with friends and going on float trips so its a good thing our daughter follows in our footsteps!

After a long day and hard at play Ava crashed out and fell asleep! She says I am plum wore out!

Today was such a great day at the river and I am so glad that Ava enjoyed it as well as she did! So far half way into the summer we have been having so much fun and great times with friends and family! We can't wait to continue on and welcome Baby Ava to sooooo much more excitement and adventures! Keep posted with Bloomin with the Bowers, cause Ava is definitely Bloomin Like a Flower Day after Day, Weekend after Weekend! More Fun to come!

And off we go floating down the river till next time.........................................................

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi all and Happy 4th of July weekend celebration this past weekend! Momma and Ava are sitting at the computer currently updating the blog for all to see what an exciting past week we have had! So as I mention previously I believe, Ava is now rolling over! She typically goes from her back to her stomach and then gets mad when she gets stuck on her stomach. She has gone from her stomach to her back once, that was when she was REALLY mad! Ava is quite a little Firework I do have to say with one heck of a temper! Or maybe its just her being a girl! LOL! Below are a few pics that I was snagging while she was working on rolling over.

Ava has also become mommy's big little helper! She helped me do laundry the one evening! Gotta teach them young to do chores you know! :) Ava definitly loves helping mommy, probably because she gets more time with me since I am gone all day to work. Below is Ava chillin in the laundry basket!

Then we finally made it to the holiday weekend! We waited all last week for the three day weekend and all of the festivities! So Sunday we went and played! We started out by grilling hamburgers with Aunt Sarah and got to spend time with Miss Natalie (of which I dressed like in our little jean jumppers) and Darrin. We played hard and enjoyed the sunshine! After that we met up with everyone else and went to a picnic and firework show. There was lots of people and lots of activity of which kept Ava entertained. (Ava says I love all of this movement and many people to check out!) There was also great music to listen to! By dark the fireworks began to go off and Ava did not get scared one bit! She was actually mesmorized by all the flashing lights in the sky! She did fall asleep for a little while but woke up and started enjoying them again!

Here are a few pics from our 4th celebration!

After such an eventful weekend Ava spent Monday with Grandma (my mommy)! They went shopping and had such a blast! Grandma of course spoiled her which is what she is for!

Well Ava says it's time to go for now! She is getting mad so we have to go eat a bottle! She is one Firework I tell ya!! Look forward to more exciting summer weekends!