Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh My Does Time Fly....

 My oh my where does the time go these days!  My baby is just 6 weeks shy of being TWO! She is growning too fast but definitely blooming like a beautiful flower.  This momma couldn't be happier and I know Grandpa Herman would be proud! 
Another year has past by from his passing away, but God gave me a blessing of a flower for him to watch from the Heaven's above like he watched his dandellion's out his front window!
 I have attached some pics from this past Christmas when Ava got to spend some time with her Bubby!  Ava loved her Bubby! she could follow him around all day and play dolls and house with him.  Only if he would! LOL! He actually did takes some breaks from his video games and played house with her! It was the most precious thing ever! She can't wait to see her Bubby again!

Here is my handsome son Brett and Ava's beloved Bubby! :)
In the last year I can't even begin to remember EVERYthing that has gone on and how Ava has changed so much! She has definitly changed a lot! I wish I would have kept up better with my blog on a monthly basis, but failed to, so going forward that is a goal to do!
Ava is talking so much now, even talking sentences.  She is in the process of almost being potty trained! She is one smart little girl I tell ya!  She has much determination like her momma and took the initiative of wanting to sit on potty chair herself!  So we have been.  This past weekend we even got out the BIG girl panties! My oh my did she love that!
 Ava loves to dress up in daddy's boots and also LOVES mommys shoes, this girl could play in our closet for hours dressing up in shoes.  She knows how to match shoes correctly and also can put her own shoes on the correct feet!
 The below pic was a Halloween memory!  Ava demolished a bunch of chocolate after trick or treating! She didn't quite like any of the costumes this year, but she loved the candy! She was on a sugar high for sure! But mommy and baby Ava had a grand ole time spending Halloween day together all day!
 Here are a few of the AMAZING pics from a good friend of our Kendra!  She has been taking pics of Ava this past year and we LOVE them!  I can't wait to post her 2 year old pics after we get them done in April.  Ava is very photogenic!  Her smile can light up a room.  She has charisma and spunk and loves people! 

 Here is Ava dressed up in one of mommy's dresses from when I was her age!  Gammy kept some adorable clothes of which we are able to dress Ava up in now!  I love it!
Now my oh my, the time did fly! I am going to be better and not let a year fly away from me again.  I look forward to sharing many many more exciting updates on this little flower blooming!

Grandpa Herman,
We miss you greatly.  We know you are a guardian angel by our sides and watching down over us.  Your little flower is blooming and will be the BIG TWO in just 6 short weeks! Keep watching this little flower! :)
Love you!

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