Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time to play catch up....

Hi all!! Check out the pics of Ava's first visit to the pumpkin patch and all the other fun times! Then check out the blog below and enjoy learning all the fun times that we have experienced and had with the sweet baby Ava in the past two months!

Hi all! I have got behind already with Ava's new firsts and beginings. So no it's time to back track a bit and play a little catch up! Ava is now 6 months old! She measured in length of 26 and 3/4 inches and is a whole 16lbs and 12oz! She is definitely bloomin like a flower!
September flew by so fast we missed it when we blinked! Ava started moving around in the walker and showing us what a strong personality she has! She has a bit of a temper you can say. We celebrated many birthdays along with my 30th and Ava's great grandma's 90th birthdays! We also enjoyed celebrating Ava's friend Cora's first birthday!! It was a blast!
Since September came and went like that and now that October is here and almost gone as well, I am a little more up to date! The leaves on the trees are turning colors and falling to the ground, it is a sign that Fall's beauty has begun! Ava loves being outdoors and enjoys looking at natures beauty. She is always looking at the trees and everything nature presents. She is my little outdoors girl! October 1st Ava was officially 6 months old!! Some of the new and exciting things Ava has tried and done now at 6 months is eating a lot of different foods, she especially loves sweets like frosting and whipped cream! (I wonder if that's cause I craved it most of my pregnancy and ate it now she wants it all the time.) Oh well, she is definitely sweet! Ava can walk around and push herself around in the walker. Ava can also sit herself up from the floor as well! She says dadadada and ma, and is starting to figure out the whole crawling thing!! She gets up on all 4's and then will move one knee and hand and throw herself forward. She's just gotta learn not to throw herself forward into something because she gets hurt then! She does know that she can get anywhere she wants by rolling! And of course she can always scream and yell and get picked up!
Today on October 15, 2011 we visited the pumpkin patch and corn maze in Missouri and Ava just loved all of the excitement and actvities! She played in the corn box, hay, went down the slides, and also on a hayride! So much fun!!
I hope you enjoyed all the pics from all the excitement from the first bit of fall and I promise to keep more up to date! I certainly don't want to miss any of Ava's exciting moments and I enjoy sharing them with all my friends and family!

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