Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Natalie Turns 1!

Hi all!! Here is a little more updates for the month of August! Mommy had foot surgery August 12, 2011, but that isn't keeping her down. We celebrated Natalie turning 1 on August 13th, 2011! It's such an exciting time and Milestone! Ava loves Natalie! It is especially funny, cause Ava gets mad that Natalie can walk and she can't. So when Natalie takes off somewhere, Ava's little temper comes out and she wants to get down and run!

Here is my little princess Ava! And then below are the two girls stylin and profilin in their fancy tutu's!

Natalie and Ava riding together on Natalie's litte scooter car! They were having a blast!

Here is mommy and aunt Sarah with baby Ava! Ava isn't even paying attention to the camera, the picture was more for me and Sarah! :)

Natalie and Ava playing with Natalie's new birthday toy!

The two girls have sooooooooooo much fun together it's priceless!!!

Soon Ava will be 5 months old! In just another 2 weeks at that! Oh my! Ava is a Bloomin!! More adventures to come!!

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