Friday, June 17, 2011

Ava is Growing Like a Flower!

Now to play a little catch up! Ava is now 2 1/2 months old and as most would say she's growin like a weed, but my choice saying is "She is Growin like a Flower!" Ava is now 23 1/4 inches long and a whopping 11 lbs 15.7 oz! One healthy flower I say! There are many choices of flowers but I am kind of partial to Ava taking after her late great grandfather's "flower" of which is the one and only Dandilion! Yes, some may consider it a weed, but in the eyes of my grandpa it was a flower! It's kind of an irony to the whole Bloomin with the Bowers, Ava's growin like a Flower!

My grandfather was a great man whom left a legacy on this Earth. He's was very humble, well liked, and always was helping others or making others laugh with his crazy stories. I wish Ava would have been able to meet him, but God wanted him to join in Heaven 2 months before Ava's arrival. To this day he is a guardian angel looking down upon us and smiling at Ava everyday! He watches her grow as he sat and watched out his window all of the dandilions growing in his yard! I love him very much!!

Here are a few pics of Ava growing over the past 2 months, the first is most recent and going back date as you go down....

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